Art Project

Art Project.

I’m studying for my Art & Design class and need an explanation.

Those are the directions for the project I include everything that I have done on the attached. I did all the questions but I need articles that support my answers.

Directions: Make sure your full name is on the a separate cover page, date, course & section number. Paper should have 5 full pages of writing (typed, font 12 Times Roman, double space), not including the bibliography and photos. These are attached at the end.

You must use the Turabian style for your Bibliography and footnotes.

See the blog page section on the blog: Turabian Citation Guide – Bibliography & Footnotes. It shows you the format with examples.

Paper should include these sections in this order:

  1. INTRODUCTION: Identify the basic facts of the work of art: artist, title, date, medium, historical period (Example: Renaissance, Greek, Medieval, Baroque, Modern, Contemporary, Cubism, Impressionism, Realism..)
  2. OBSERVATION: Describe what you see and discuss based on the questions below using complete sentences.
  3. RESEARCH: Discuss the content: story, meaning, symbols, animals, or people that are depicted in addition to your formal analysis. You must do research for this.

*Reference 4 ACADEMIC sources with authors: 2 Scholarly Books & 2 Scholarly Articles.

*Use you MDC Library Article and Journal Data bases such as JSTOR.

Cite all sources in your footnotes and include the Bibliography attached at the end of the paper.

The bibliography and footnotes must be in the Turabian format. See the blog page.

The paper must be written in student’s own words! All direct quotes or ideas from sources and authors must be given credit (in footnotes or endnotes). Copying websites or other’s text will result in a failing grade.

4. CONCLUSION: Identify the art work in the Introduction: Museum or Gallery Name, Artist, Title, Date, Medium, Country, Culture, Historical Period. End with a brief summary and your own thoughts and opinions about the work you selected

Questions & Answers

due November 18, 2019

Answer all the questions in complete sentences.

A minimum of 3 sentences per questions is required!

(Staple the Q&A to the back of your 5 page Research Paper)

I. INTRODUCTION: Identify the art work in the Introduction: Museum or Gallery Name, Artist, Title, Date, Medium, Country, Culture, Historical Period and briefly summarize the points of your paper and/or explain the most significant aspects of the work of art.

II. OBSERVATION: Describe what you see and discuss based on the questions below.

1.Describe what you see: What is in the foreground, background…
2.What is the subject matter? Theme?
3. Is it figurative? Naturalistic? Stylized? Narrative? Symbolic? Abstract? Explain fully.
4. What is the medium, material and method of its creation? Does it contribute to the meaning, expression, or power of the work? Explain.
5. What painting technique was used? Glazes? Impasto? Detailed and linear? Loose and expressive? Explain.
6. What kind of colors does it have and how does it create meaning? What kind of expression does it give? Does the color have symbolic meaning? Explain.
7. Does the artist convey depth? How?
8. How is light and dark used? Does it have any realistic, symbolic, or emotional effect? Explain.
9. What is the size? How does the size affect the experience for the viewer? How does it affect the meaning or theme of the art?
10. What parts draw the most attention and explain why?
****FOR SCULPTURES ONLY**** – answer the following questions:
1.What is the material, medium and technique of the work? How does it affect the art?
2. Is it a figurative sculpture? Is it conceptual? Is it Abstract?
3. Describe the pose, style, form, expression, gesture, decoration
4. Is it on a pedestal? Or on the floor? Is it an installation? Explain why it is not on a pedestal?
5. How is this sculpture similar to other sculptures of this period? How does it differ?
6. Is abstract (geometric or organic)? Is it stylized or naturalistic? Explain
7. How does the drapery or clothing cover the body?
8. Which parts draw the most attention? Why?
9. In what physical or location context was it intended to be seen?
10. Does it interact with the environment or do people interact with it? Explain.
11. Is the sculpture meant to be integrated into the architecture or to be freestanding? Explain
12. How does the changing light conditions affect the work?
13. How does the color and material affect the work?

III. ANALYSIS & RESEARCH: *(You need to site your sources of information)*.

1.Who created this work of art and where was it created? How is it typical of the artist’s style, theme, technique?

2. What does the artist say about his or her artwork, theme, or technique? (Find a quote if possible.)

3. Who are the figures depicted? Why are they depicted? What are their role?

4. Are there any symbols used? Explain their meaning.

5. Where would this work have been originally seen? What context? Explain.

6. What was the function or purpose? To glorify a god? To immortalize a man? To teach a lesson? For worship? For decoration? Explain fully and site sources.

Who commissioned it and why?

How is the work of art representative of the artistic style or period it was created? Explain. (For example, how it is typically of the period: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Renaissance, Counter-Reformation Spain, 18th century Italy, Baroque, Neo-Classical, Native American, Ancient Chinese, Cubism, Pop Art, etc.?)

4. How does the artwork reflect the culture, philosophy, religion, values and society of its age?

9. What condition is the work in now? Has it been altered? What evidence is there for that?

1. What was your first reaction or impression of the work? Has it changed now that you have studied it carefully? Explain.
2. What does it communicate about the artist’s own personal view, cultural outlook, religion, society, politics or era?
3. What message is the work trying to express or convey to viewers?
4. What associations, feelings or emotions does it evoke in you?
5. Do you think the work succeed in expressing the theme or intent of the artist? Why or Why not?
6. How is this work relevant for us today? Explain.
7. If you had the opportunity to buy it, would you? Explain why or why not? What would you do with it?

Final Paper Packet Must Include:

1. Cover Sheet with your name, class time, identity of the art work

2. 5 page essay paper with footnotes included

3. Questions & Completed Answers

4. Bibliography

5. Photo of the work of art

Art Project

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