Attracting, hiring, and retaining employees

Instructions In this unit, you learned how to attract, hire, and retain employees. For this assignment, you will interview a human resource (HR) professional to better understand how these topics translate to the real world of staffing. /0x4*

To complete this assignment, you will first need to locate an HR manager to interview. This can be the HR manager at your company or another HR manager you can interview. Keep in mind that the interview does not have to be done in person; it can be conducted over the phone, via Skype, or by email. In your interview, be sure to address the following questions (others can be added as necessary),

What are the organization’s external assessment goals? How are these goals used and evaluated? What methods does the organization use for assessing external candidates? What are the organization’s internal assessment goals? How are these goals used and evaluated? What methods does the organization use for assessing internal candidates? How are performance reviews conducted and used? Does the organization have a succession management and career development plans in place? If so, how is this implemented in the organization, and why is it important? When choosing and hiring candidates, who makes the final hiring decision?

How are the hiring decisions determined? What legal factors must the organization consider when making hiring decisions? When a job offer is made to an external candidate, is the offer based on certain contingencies? If so, what are the contingencies? When job offers are made, are candidates able to negotiate the salary offer? How does the organization make job offers? Are rejection notifications sent to candidates that are not selected for the position?

For this assignment, you will summarize what you learned in your interview. You do not have to list the questions, but make sure that the answer to each question is clearly identifiable. You should also include a brief introductory section that gives a short overview of the company. You do not have to specifically name the organization, but include a few details to give the reader some context. In addition, you should include a recommendations section; based on information received during this interview, what are some changes you would recommend for improving the processes in place at this organization?

Your completed assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length. References are not required for this assignment, but you may use them as needed. If you choose to use a reference(s), it must be cited and formatted in APA style. Resources

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