B2B-B2C Marketing Segmentation

Target Market for B2B: Pest Control Companies (Franchisees/mom & pop) Target Market for B2C: Peta/Animal Lover Target Market. Respond to the following after reading the case study.

Part A: Explain why the two markets above are good target markets for Martha’s Trap-Ease. As part of this, you’ll want to explain (given the restrictions: allocating minimal resources and not being willing to go whole hog, but wanting to test the Trap-ease concept first through direct sales using Amazon’s fulfillment system, known as FBA) how this target market is better than the other alternatives you considered. Remember that you’re going to focus on search marketing.

Part B: Explain why search marketing is better than other types of promotion and advertising.

Part C: Give a detailed description of a typical customer in the Peta target market you’ve chosen.

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