BAD NEWS MESSAGE – ANNOUNCEMENT Relevant Concepts• Bad-news messages• Internal messages

BAD NEWS MESSAGE – ANNOUNCEMENT Relevant Concepts• Bad-news messages• Internal messages • Sentence structure
• Verb tense
• Punctuation
• Professional tone
• Understanding your audience

The following bad-news message announces organizational restructuring and potential job elimination. This message does not employ a professional tone and is unclear. Additionally, the message contains several verb errors (tense and passive voice), number usage errors, grammatical errors, spelling errors, sentence errors (run-on, comma splices, etc.), and style errors.

Good Afternoon Associates:

CoB Associates recognized the merger with EMA Partners created many changes in our organization. This is why members of our HR department spends much of their time and resources creating informational guides and leading lunchtime chats. A top priority at CoB Associates is to keeping informed associates. For this reason leadership believes you must know about pending organization changes that will result in departmental consolidation.

Through the final aligning of both organizations; it became clear that multiple departments have double or triple the number of associates required for our current client load. Today’s leadership meeting confirm this challenge with news relating to employee expenses and duplication. Leadership was sad and had anticipated expansion from merger not consolidation you should know.

At the end of today’s meeting, each department leader was tasked with conducting a full review of their departmental structure, budget, workload (current and anticipated), and members. Full reviews are submitted the 15 of the month at quarterly meeting. At that time, a new organizational structure will be created and associated needs aligned with that new structure. Once this is completed, member of our HR department will be in contact with associates who are impacted by the organizational changes.

At this time impacted associates should plans are to offer buyouts incentives to. However, the full picture of the buyout incentives will not be clear until the new organizational structure is complete. While we wait for further details about the finalized structure, please know that helping all impacted associates is of utmost importance to the leadership of CoB Associates.

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