Base on the requirement write a journal.

Base on the requirement write a journal..

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Based upon Chapter 11 (Friendship & Romance), 12 (Family and Workplace) and Lectures: Family Communication, Love & Intimacy

  1. What ethical responsibilities do you have toward your Partner? If your Partner is a romantic partner, would the responsibilities be different is s/he were a friend instead? (and vice versa)
  2. How does the triangular theory of love apply to your relationship with your Partner?
  3. If your Partner is a romantic partner: Which of Lee’s types of love (eros, ludis, storge, mania, pragma, agape) is the way you view your love with your Partner? Is your Partner’s view the same, or different, as yours? What effect do these views have on your relationship?
  4. If your partner is a friend: How would you describe your relationship? (Same sex, cross-sex, intergenerational, etc.) What qualities do you find to be most important in friendships and how do those qualities apply in this relationship? Is there a quality that you find to be very important that does not apply to this friendship? If so, what is the effect of that omission?
  5. If your relationship is a familial one: What kind of family are you in? Has the communication changed as you both have grown older? How does the circumplex model of family communication apply in your relationship? Give examples to support your views.
  6. If your relationship is a workplace one: In what ways is your workplace friendship different from your non-workplace friendships? In what ways is it the same? Which type of relationship do you find the most challenging to maintain? Why?

Base on the requirement write a journal.

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