biology test 1 progress

biology test 1 progress.

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Figures 4-4 and 4-5 on pages 96–97 of your textbook give examples of both the chronological résumé and the functional résumé. Both types of résumés contain your personal information (name, address, and contact information, including phone numbers and email address); work history; and educational background. The format of your résumé should follow one of the types of résumés discussed. The chronological résumé starts with your personal information. Next, list your jobs, starting with the most recent first, including the job title, organization, and when you worked there. It is also important to include what you did on the job, including duties and accomplishments, because even if job titles are the same, the duties can be extremely different depending on the organization. Don’t forget to list your education as well.

The functional résumé is typically used by people who have had frequent job changes or are new to the work force. You may want to consider a functional résumé. With this format, you want to highlight three or four skills that relate directly to the job you are applying for along with specifics for each skill that show you have been successful in using that skill. Even though you are using a functional format, you still need to list your jobs and education. No matter which format you use, the last section of your résumé should be for references. Typically, you will add the statement “References available upon request” in this section.

biology test 1 progress

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