bonus on quality – USA tutors only! well-written professional recommendation letter for dental student

bonus on quality – USA tutors only! well-written professional recommendation letter for dental student.

Need help with my Writing question – I’m studying for my class.

!!!!!Price is low because i will give bonus at the END based on quality!!!

This letter is intended to be supplied by a practicing dentist on behalf of a student applying to professional program!!

1 full page, single spaced 11 font times new roman. format must be sorted to be filled in by myself. THE entire body of the letter must cover more than 3/4 of page, looking for a ******1 wide margins******. Hence the letter must be dense!!! you can make somethings up, that would look good for the applicant such as possible real world examples in a dental office that the student showed promising/positive attributes

I will give a bonus $$ if and so the letter is flawless, persuasive, strong, and makes it clear the student is an ideal candidate for dental program.u must add whats below:

I need a very well developed, one paged recommendation letter. All original words and nothing that seems cut and paste!

This is intended from Dental doctor to perspective student to spent extensive time shadowing.

Format of this letter must be professional, everything labeled to be filled in by myself, etc

The letter should heavily reflect the following:

Showcase that the student showed promising/positive attributes during their shadowing hours

Must imply the dentist and the student have develop a strong bond/friendship over the duration of shadowing

Students, desire to facilitate change, consistently seeking means of learning and innovating aspects of dentistry. both procedures, methods and even health policy

compassion towards underserved populations

understanding of field of dentistry and what it takes to be a successful dentist in todays era.

Express the student has a “sincere drive and interest” in dentistry and wants to pursue all areas and specialities

Student is eager to learn,grasps very quickly, fast learner

Student is very personable, genuine, enjoys being in the office and has fantastic interpersonal skills. Likeable/relatable to patients

The student is well informed, about trends and up to date with policy etc

The letter should be very strong, it should make it clear that the student is great candidate for dentistry and would be a loss if not considered admission. not directly but indirectly make this point clear to the reader

!!!!!!!!!PLEASE have the letter pre-formated as well. with where to put what information etc

use this link for resources.…5297.8786..8878…1.0..0.183.1363.19j1……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67j0j0i8i30.BVtpXSxvK_4&ved=0ahUKEwiGlO-5nJrmAhVjp1kKHcMWBAgQ4dUDCAc&uact=5#imgrc=PSLpwJBMGUNc7M:

Letter must be dense! like this letter:…

The formatting must resemble this:…

bonus on quality – USA tutors only! well-written professional recommendation letter for dental student

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