BSG Case Study BSG Case Study

BSG Case Study BSG Case Study.

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BSG Case Study Guidelines –

Use the following outline for your paper. The length of this case study is not to exceed two pages (double spaced, font size = 12, font = Arial narrow). Your table and list of references are not included in the page limit.

Analysis and evaluation – of your company versus one rival competitor.

  • Create tables (revenue, COGS, net profit, ROE, D/E, and stock price) for both companies (your company and a rival) and include data from the last five years. Use page 5 and page 2 of the BSG Footwear Industry Report to collect the financial data for your company and a competitor. Collect the data for the last five years of the game.
  • Remember to look at COGS and Profit as a % of Rev. What are significant issues or disparities between your company and chosen competitor? Remember to quantify changes you observe (% change) and name the time period.
  • What conclusions can we draw after reviewing the financial data? After reviewing this data, describe a major problem. Identify and explain the symptoms that point to the problem.
  • Pick one solution and explain your reasoning. What are the pros and cons for this alternative?
  • If you had $10k to invest, Which company would you invest in? Explain.

Don’t plagiarize.

Each case will be evaluated based upon:

Clarity of writing


Insight – ‘a-ha!’ experiences, what did you discover?

Relevance – Why/How is this important?

BSG Case Study BSG Case Study

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