Burberry digital marketing campaign

Burberry is a particularly good example of a company that effectively used the digital tool kit to plan a digital marketing campaign and engage with its consumers. Their CEO, Angela Ahrendts, wanted the company to be the first completely digitised company, remarking that “The experience is that the customer will have access to Burberry across any device, anywhere, but they will get exactly the same feeling of the brand.” (Chaffey and Smith, 2013). While most luxury brands lagged behind significantly at adopting digital technologies and digital marketing activities Burberry put together a plan of how they would analyse their resources and consumers and leverage new technology to build a new business model for the company. However, in 2010/2011 Burberry set out with a plan to improve its digitisation, launching its mobile e-commerce App for iPhone and iPad allowing customers to immediately order apparel off-the-runway and it promoted its brand through a number of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. During this period, by collecting data on its consumer demographics and how they interacted in an online space, Burberry began using leading fashion bloggers to promote their products and influence customer opinion. Their digitization enhanced communication and relationships with customers, improved sales and increased brand awareness ultimately enhancing the value of the brand and its competitive advantage (Choi et al.,2014). Website: http://www.burberryplc.com Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTl8WhWXdoI in 200 words address the following: consider considering if there are any limitations to the Burberry strategy and how the strategy compares to those of other, similar brands.

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