Bureaucracy in Action

Bureaucracy in Action.

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Reflect: Modern bureaucracies are a common source of frustration and anger. The adherence to rule-based actions found in most bureaucratic institutions can be very exasperating to those who value flexibility and adaptability. However, these bureaucracies can also promote admiration and customer satisfaction, and they can be comforting to those who value equality, justice, and fair treatment. The ability of a central government to regulate, distribute, gather, record, and interact with the public they serve is impossible without core rules of behavior, function, and purpose. The rules, processes, and procedures define each specific bureaucratic institution. Understanding how bureaucracies serve as a middle-man between the citizens and leadership will help you determine the effectiveness of political leaders in serving their citizenry.

Write: In your initial post of at least 200 words, address the following:

  • Choose one bureaucratic agency from the United States government (e.g., SEC, FDA, FBI, FEMA, FCC, EPA, etc.).
  • Research the agency in depth, and discuss the primary purpose of that agency.
  • Describe what interest groups are involved with that agency and why.
  • Evaluate the accessibility or utility of one of the agency’s websites. Is it user-friendly? Why or why not?

Bureaucracy in Action

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