BUS3382 Discussion questions

BUS3382 Discussion questions.

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do at least 200 words for each of the 4 questions in the attached document

include in text citations!

1. No format needed.

2. 200-250 words for each question.

Sample answer for Q1:

Not every aspect of technology is positive. Theoretically, this unprecedented access to information should mean we are better-informed and more productive than we were in any previous generation. Employers know that not every aspect of technology is positive. Studies suggest access to the Internet during business hours can reduce workplace productivity by up to 40 percent, as employees turn their minds from work to social interaction and play. Much worktime is lost to FaceTime, e-mailing and gossiping between family, friends, and co-workers, and playing on-line games. And at its worst, the internet can aid in workplace bullying and harassment as colleagues tend to reach out to each other secretly via the Internet, rather than publicly by the water-cooler. These are all examples of how I have seen technology abused in the workplace.

However, used properly, a workplace cannot survive without technology. If I were in charge, I would disable games and certain social media from being used at work. I would have a technology policy in place that all employees would read and sign, and I would monitor the usage. Everyone needs a work break, but loosing 40 percent of your workplace productivity can certainly cause a company to go “belly-up”.

BUS3382 Discussion questions

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