Business essay

You’ve learned this week that you have very little privacy in the workplace. As technology has progressed so has your employer’s ability to spy on you. The employees of technology company, Three Square Market can open doors, log into their computer and even buy snacks in the company vending machines with a simple swipe of their arm. 1 This is due to the microchip embedded in their arm. Read the given article and contemplate the issue of privacy as you answer the following: /0x4*

Has Three Square Market gone too far?
What are the dangers that you foresee with the use of this technology?
Would you trade your privacy for convenience at your workplace?
Does privacy matter to you? Why or why not?

Your paper must be at least 500 words double-spaced using the font of your choice. Please cite any sources using the format of your choosing.Please answer each question in a separate paragraph.

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