Business Model, SWOT, and Future Strategy AND Networking Plan

Business Model, SWOT, and Future Strategy AND Networking Plan.

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This assignment has two parts: 1. Business Model, SWOT, and Future Strategy 2. Networking Plan. Both should be in one word document with 1.5-2 pages double-spaced for EACH question.

1. Business Model, SWOT, and Future Strategy:

Choose one of the companies whose leader has been chosen “Businessperson of the Year” in 2019 by Fortune Magazine:

Discuss their business value and potential. Address both these areas:
a) Analyze and describe their business model (Attached) and competitive position (SWOT Attached) b) assess their competitive position looking forward, as follows:

a) Analyze the company’s business model. Describe the company’s competitive position and how they create value. Use both the business model canvas(Attached or can download from Google) and SWOT analysis (Attached). Fill out the Business and SWOT Additional sheet attached and Include it in the paper, and to drive your analysis.

b) Imagine that you are the CEO of the company and you are thinking about competitive position for the next 5 years. What changes do you anticipate, if any, in the company business model and competitive position? Explain your answer.

2. Networking Plan:

Read the article “This engineer created a fool-proof plan to overcome shyness — and it led her to jobs at Apple, Google, and now Microsoft.”

Using this article’s 10-step plan as a guide, write out your own networking plan for the next three months. Explain how this plan will be relevant for your professional goals, and if any of the steps is not relevant. Include any actions you take between now and submitting the final, such as going to a networking event, how you prepared for it and the results, or what actions you took to nurture existing contacts.

The attachments are just PPTs. There is not a lot of reading.

***Be clear and express your perspective, then support your assertions with valid arguments. Use the attachments, as well as your individual perspective. If you use sources outside of attachments, please include a footnote listing the source. ***

Business Model, SWOT, and Future Strategy AND Networking Plan

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