Business Research

Business Research.

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Industry knowledge and understanding industry trends is critical to starting and managing a successful entrepreneurial venture. The starting point for gaining that knowledge and understanding is research, which depends on quality resources and databases. It also requires use of resources to gain insights into target markets, consumer spending patterns, niche markets and competition. This must be achieved by using more than simple internet Google searches. Vetted industry resources and databases must be utilized, and SPC provides it students with an abundance of such resources.

Select an industry of interest to you that you are currently starting a business in or may be interested in starting a business in the future and research the demographics and trends for that industry using the SPC library links provided.

To complete this week’s assignment a visit to the ONLINE Library or a campus visit to work with a librarian if preferred is required.

GO to the following website to find library resources and tutoring services by campus. OR

research for bikini business

Please provide ALL of the following information for credit on this assignment in a NUMBERED LIST FORMAT:

  1. What is the industry you have chosen to research and why?
  2. Are you currently engaged in an entrepreneurial venture or planning to launch one within the next 6 months-1 year?
  3. Which databases and resources did you use? MINIMUM of THREE REQUIRED (BE SPECIFIC and provide urls as well. Note: If you used Hoovers you cannot simply list you MUST show the url that was research specific to your industry choice)
  4. What did you find the MOST useful and educational? (BE SPECIFIC and provide feedback for EACH resource listed in #3)
  5. What is the MOST interesting trend or data/fact you found about the industry during your research? Make sure to include the citation for the trend(s) you provide. [HINT: In most cases this question should be answered using numbers (%, $, etc.)]

Business Research

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