BUSN603 assignment

BUSN603 assignment.

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Prepare a 5-6 page report (excluding the cover page, the reference page, and any tables and graphs), which applies the quality control theory (SPC) introduced in the textbook. You need to apply this model to a real world example. Please follow the steps for Statistical Process Control analysis to present your final findings. You may use hypothetical numbers to illustrate your analysis if you cannot find the actual data. However, you have to use some number to demonstrate your ability to apply SPC to a real world situation. APA format and appropriate use of section headings are required.

Hint: On the technical contents, you need to provide either a real or a hypothetical example with numbers that involves quality control of either the mean or the range. It is preferred that you could analyze the control of both and compare the implications of the two. But, if not, you are required to at least include one in your analysis. You may follow the example and use of Excel QM to complete your project. Please be aware that there are usually more than one samples collected in a real world example. A verbal description by itself will not receive any credits. Please copy, paste and explain your results in your paper, AND attach your Excel Worksheet, which is a must to receive credits for statistical analysis. You do need to analyze your own data and cannot simply cite the statistical result published else where.

Please check the basic APA format checklist posted in the Announcement and the grading rubric for writing assignments in the syllabus before you submit this assignment.

BUSN603 assignment

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