BUSN623 discussion

BUSN623 discussion.

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PROMPT: During this course you have reviewed many areas of law and ethical frameworks and applied them to both real companies and hypothetical situations. These have illustrated the ethical challenges of doing business in today’s society in the U.S. and globally. Regardless of size, a business faces governmental regulations and a myriad of issues that are often in direct conflict with the notion of making a profit. You are engaged in obtaining an MBA. These are all real issues for your consideration in the future. In this week’s forum, reflect on these business challenges and share what you believe to be the best ethical framework for a business operating in today’s world. What is your recommendation for a business to be both ethical and successful? How will your recommended framework work in decision making? In response to each other, do not hesitate to ask questions. Remember to use sources from your readings and other research that are relevant to and support your ideas.

BUSN623 discussion

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