Calculate Your Ecological Footprint

Paper details Instructions: 1. Go to the Global Footprint Network’s ecological Footprint Calculator website, and work your way through the interactive calculator tool on the site. As you work, pay attention to the questions that are being asked, and record your results in a document on your computer. You will need to recall the questions and your results in a later part of this assignment. If you’re unable to make an estimation (if you feel like you’re making a wild guess), skip that question.

An alternative footprint calculator is provided in case you wish to further analyze your footprint. 2. Go to the Ecological Footprint Discussion topic, and post a new thread in which you: 1) Describe the results of your ecological footprint calculation. 2) Describe which parts of the footprint calculator were surprising to you. 3) Describe 5 ways to improve your footprint.

My RESULTS Your personal Earth Overshoot Day is: 22. Feb If everyone lived like you, we would need 6.9 Earth By Land Type Built-Up Land Forest Products Cropland Grazing Land Fishing Grounds Carbon Footprint By Consumption Category Food Shelter Mobility Goods Services 11.7 Your Ecological Footprint (global hectares or gha) 21.4 Your Carbon Footprint (CO2 emissions in tonnes per year) 63 Your Carbon Footprint (% of your total Ecological Footprint)

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