calculus problem set

calculus problem set.

I’m studying for my Calculus class and need an explanation.

1. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to estimate accurately the area of your hand. In particular, your estimate needs to be within 20% of the actual area.

a. In your report, indicate the method that you are using to approximate this area. keep the actual calculations for the area of your hand in a separate appendix.

b. Then describe how you know that your estimate is within 20% of the actual area, without knowing the actual area. A relative error of 20% is actually extremely large, but the idea is to think the methodology and not be as concerned with making calculations.

c. Finally, describe how you would improve your estimate if time were not a factor.

A short, concise, descriptive, typed report is due along with the actual hand sketch and a page showing the calculations.

calculus problem set

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