Capstone Final Individual Reflection

Capstone Final Individual Reflection.

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  1. Describe your understanding of how the many functional areas (i.e., Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Management, IT, etc.) of a business organization interrelate, and whether you now better understand the need for effective communication among the disciplines.Please support your answer with a few examples from your Capsim experience.
  • Please describe the way(s) your team of executives analyzed the company’s outcomes data after each round to formulate creative strategies and tactics.Also, give at least two examples of how your analyses led to the actions/strategies/tactics you chose during the simulation.
  • Assuming your US-based company had the ability to construct a sensor manufacturing facility in Europe or Asia, what kinds of issues would your executive team need to confront do set up a manufacturing facility in either of those areas?
  • A very difficult, yet common, ethical issue facing business leaders involves whether to automate production, and other, processes in factory and office environments.In the simulation, you had the opportunity to automate production lines for your company’s products which would cut manufacturing costs but cost workers their jobs.During the simulation, did you see this as an ethical/social responsibility business matter?To what extent were your company’s decisions, about whether and how much to automate, based on the ethical issues?Please explain your answer.
  • Please answer (thoughtfully) each of the following:

a. Having now completed your time as an executive of a business in the simulation, do you feel that the exercise helped you better understand and tie your previous coursework together?Why or Why not?

b.Do you feel that you were well/adequately/not-at-all prepared by your previous coursework to successfully complete this capstone course? Why or Why not?

6. a.Which simulation spreadsheet decisions did you make, or contribute to, each round for your company in the simulation, and, what was your specific role in preparing and updating your company’s written final version of those documents and strategic analyses for the hypothetical next Capstone round?

b. Do you feel that you contributed equally to your company’s efforts?Why or why not?

c. Were there any personal or group issues that I should know about as I look at the record to evaluate your individual performance in the class?If so, please explain.

Capstone Final Individual Reflection

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