Capstone Goal Project

Capstone Goal Project.

I’m working on a Website Design exercise and need support.

I need help with my school project. “Capstone Project” It has four small projects which I have arranged accordingly. (1) Project 1, Directions and Resources. (2) Project 2, Directions and Resources. (3) Project 3, Directions and Resources. (4) Project 4, Directions and Resources.

This project comprises of design thinking process, developing a prototype solution, document your work in a design journal, design and build a website explaining your final prototype, and create a narrated slide presentation to introduce others to the design thinking process and share your innovative ideas.

All the information you needed to complete it is included in each of the project resources. My school will only like me to use the resources provided to me in the project resources, you can also use outside resources when needed. All the work must be cited in APA format with a reference page.

Capstone Goal Project

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