Cardiovascular disease


Assignment 3—Population health in context written paper plus PowerPoint
Part A (1400 words) Part B (900 word equivalent)
Part A: Written paper (1400 words) Students are to identify a common health issue that they see or have seen in their nursing practice and identify the determinants of health related to this issue, they are to include imperatives of health across sectors and disciplines in relation to their selected health issue. Search contemporary literature to provide information regarding community, government and healthcare sectors’ strategies to combat the issue. Include epidemiology, local and global comparisons if present, e.g. westernisation, developed/developing countries. Why do you think this health issue has developed for this particular group of people?
Part B: PowerPoint (900 words equivalent) Students are to develop a presentation for local government/council using the health issue they identified for part A and suggest ways to build community capacity and establish government and business partnerships in relation to the issue. This assignment requires students to ‘present an argument’ of the importance of collaborative efforts, sustainability and community capacity building in developing strategies to combat their identified health issue at a local level while also incorporating references to global imperatives.

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Cardiovascular Disease

Prepare 8 slides presentation to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this presentation will request the gate’s foundation to help with prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. CVD is the number 1 cause of death among females and males worldwide. Public health includes prevention of premature mortality, as well as promoting healthy life style changes, preventing and reducing disability. 1st slide title Cardiovascular Disease, 2nd slide explains 3 objectives for the request, 3rd explain the purpose of the request. Include UpToDate statistic data. /0x4*

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