Career Overview Essay

Paper details You can write a more general paper about your overall discipline, or narrow in on a specific major or career. Think about where you are in your college career. If you are still early on in your major, consider a focus on Discipline/Major/Education. If you are close to Graduation, you may want to focus on a specific Career. Your audience can be incoming first year students that will be entering your specific major or intended career field, or graduates entering the workforce, or an audience of your choosing. Think about what information may have been helpful to you as you started college, or information you would like to know as you move forward. For example, you could write about the Discipline of Sociology and getting an Education in Sociology, or you could focus on working in Social Services, Law or Community Work, or narrow in on a specific job, such as Counseling, or Human Resources, etc. (You would not want to cover all of this, as one objective of this assignment is to narrow in on a specific purpose and audience).

Format: You will write a 3-4 page paper about your Discipline, Major, and/or Career Field. You will use APA format. Your essay should include a properly formatted reference page and correlating in-text citations. Research: This essay will include 3 to 5 sources, listed on your reference page and used in the essay. Keep in mind the lessons from our Report on Authoritative Sources; most of the research you use in this essay should be from credible sources in your Discipline. This Research Guide is a good place to start career related research.

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