Case Study Government BUDGETING (WALKER)

Case Study Government BUDGETING (WALKER).

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You have been hired to analyze the problems facing the City of Cherry Heights, and to make recommendations for the community’s transition into the next millennium. You are to take the information that is provided in the case and use it as the basis of your analysis. You should make any reasonable assumptions you need in order to complete your analysis. You are to present a written report to the Cherry Heights City Council no later than December 1, 2019 [submitted to me online by that date]. You are to present your report in the format of a position paper.

You have been asked to assess the overall health of the city as it moves into the new millennium. You are to identify the biggest problem(s) you see facing the city and propose a means of dealing with those problems. The city has never done any real planning, and realizes it needs to begin. State government has just linked future state grants to the presence of a valid strategic plan and to a 20-year development plan. Your report will be the foundation of such a plan.

In doing your analysis, you are to use the reading and notes from the course, and you are to cite your material using APA style. Documents should be submitted as a double-spaced word document. You should concentrate on the readings and notes through unit 8, but you may draw upon any material presented in the course or discovered through your own research. Don’t just rely on the library or on the internet in doing your outside research. Look at your own community or at other communities for ideas. Grading of this paper will be based on 70% content/solution, 20% research, and 10% style

Feel free to ask questions as you work on this case. Good luck with your analysis.

Case Study Government BUDGETING (WALKER)

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