case study :The Place Makes the People

case study :The Place Makes the People.

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  1. Read Case Incident 1: The Place Makes the People ( (page 593)
  2. Then read: Why Activity-Based Working is the Cure for the Open Office Layout (
    • This article makes a case for the use of activity-based working.
  3. Then read: Activity-Based Workplace Design: Using Data to Drive Your Transformation (
    • This article describes factors that need to be considered when implementing this design.
  4. Optional: This article shows good examples of organizations using the activity-based working design: (

Respond to the below questions. Your responses must reflect an understanding and integration of the above 3 readings.

  1. How might different types of office designs (traditional, open, or activity-based) influence employee social interaction, collaboration, and creativity? Explain.
  2. Should social interaction, collaboration, and creativity be encouraged even in organizations without an innovative culture? Why/why not?
  3. How could you measure whether new office designs are improving the organizational culture? Explain. Be detailed.
  4. A generally positive view of activity-based workplace designs is presented in the above articles. What do you consider the potential downsides to such designs? Explain.
  5. Are activity-based workplace designs the direction of the future or just another fad to be replaced by the next “latest and greatest” idea?

case study :The Place Makes the People

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