Cases Thesis Paper

Cases Thesis Paper.

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Please read all requirements for each paper carefully. There will be 4 sepearte papers please do not submit as 1 paper combined.

This is a thesis paper. Each module will represent a chapter of the combined paper. By the end of module 4 there will be 4 chapters and the body will be a minimum of 20-25 pages.

Each Module (1-3) will be separate papers that are 6-7 pages each and must be in proper ABA format. Title page and reference page.

The except to this format will be module 4 which will combine the first 3 papers (module 1-3 excluding the title page and reference page) with the new information in module 4 and put into thesis format.

  • Therefore, when your Case is complete, compile your final thesis-style paper in accord with the following requirements:
    • Use of proper APA Style of formatting, referencing, and writing is required.
    • The final thesis-style paper requires the following: Title Page, Table of Contents, and References. See the APA Sample Paper and other use of APA Style at the Purdue OWL:…
    • The final paper will consist of four (4) chapters (Modules 1-4 Case).
    • The body of the final paper must be a minimum of 20-25 pages in length (not including title page, references, etc.).
    • The reference page will contain ALL references used for all modules.

Some references have been provided please do additional research for each module.

Each module should have a minimum of 5 references. Please see the attachments for individual papers AND some references. If you are unable to retrive any references just let me know and I can pull it and add it as an attachment.

Cases Thesis Paper

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