Cause and Effect Grade 8 Essay

Paper details Project Overview: Students will choose one of the prompts and write a cause-and-effect essay using their knowledge about this type of writing. Objectives:  Students will be able to distinguish between causes and effects.  Students will be able to use the correct organization of the cause-and-effect essay.  Students will be able to formulate an effective thesis statement. Requirements/Task(s):

Task 1: Choose ONE of the topics below and write a well-developed paragraph including introduction, body part, and conclusion. 1) What is social media effect on the teenagers? 2) Explain how junk food can cause risk of child obesity. 3) What happens when a teenager doesn’t get enough sleep? You must use Microsoft Word to create your cause-and-effect essay. The text of your essay must have 550 words minimum and not more than 650 words. You must use Times New Roman, 12 font size, double (2) spacing. Please go over Power Point carefully in order to get all of the instructions and avoid revisions. Thank you! (The student is a girl located in Kuwait so please nothing anti Islamic, sexual connotations, drug and alcohol use to be mentioned etc.)

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