Change Blindness And Autism in Adolescents and Children

This assignment is on Change Blindness in Adolescents and children using 5 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES NO OLDER THAN 10 YEARS AGO.  /0x4*

Examine the topic through a cultural (e.g., nationality, race/ethnicity), environmental (e.g., parenting, neighborhoods), developmental (e.g., age), or other individual differences (e.g., sexual orientation, socioeconomic status) perspective. Also possible to examine through time (has the phenomenon changed from 1930 to today?) Is your topic of choice a Western development? Do people in less industrialized countries exhibit the phenomenon of interest? What does the phenomenon present as with children vs. undergraduates vs. older adults? How does socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, religion, gender/sex, sexuality, influence the topic (or does it)? What about regional differences within North America (e.g., rural vs. urban).

Please write as clearly as possible and not use language that is too complexed. Write it as if some one not familiar with this topic or some one who may not have a college background can understand. Again, please use simple language and not too complexed to the point my professor will know I did not write it because I am not exactly an “A” student in this class.

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