Chapter 6 – Online Cons

Chapter 6 – Online Cons.

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As the text and Powerpoint materials highlight, simple frauds are a significant form of crime on the internet. Confidence scams, trustworthy strangers, Nigerian 419 scams. We all think we’re above them but people we know and many we think should know better get caught in these all the time. Take a look here: (Links to an external site.)

To have a school system lose $2.3 million dollars means the students suffer and the taxpayers end up paying again.

Find an article about a scam that took in someone who should have known better, post a link to the article here with a brief analysis of what happened and some commentary about what could have been done to avoid being victimized. You only need to post once BUT, look ahead to the last chapter for the written assignment that spans this week’s set of chapters.

Chapter 6 – Online Cons

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