CHFD210 Week 7 Discussion

CHFD210 Week 7 Discussion.

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It is September and you are the teacher of a preschool classroom that includes 10 children, from 6 different countries, speaking 5 different languages. How will you work with your students to begin bringing them together while helping them to respect each other’s differences? How will you accomplish the educational goals that you must meet for the year? Treat this scenario as an opportunity and not a problem.

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Hello Class,

So it is September and I have a preschool class of 10 children, from 6 different countries, speaking 5 different languages. I would start bringing the children together by making centers about all 6 countries, as well as the 5 different languages. I am a big fan of center activities in the classroom, they are fun and exciting, and the children seem to stay more interested when they learn with hands-on activities. I would make sure there is something for everyone. I would label everything with all the languages so gradually, the children would understand, and be able to read them all. We would also have circle time where we could start out repeating hello in each language, or maybe one language at a time. I would also have individual time so each student would get some great one on one time, this would ensure they are learning well in their own culture.

To get the children to respect each other’s differences I would have different cultural days, so for example, if it was Spanish day we would have Spanish snacks, and music maybe learn a dance and how to say hello in Spanish. Teach children that we are all different but the same.

I would make sure I have different books for each cultural age group.

I believe family pictures of each family helps children see and understand that again that we are all different but the same. This is a very fun learning opportunity for all of the student’s, as well as the teacher, keeping it interesting, and fun is best for me and my student’s

Classmate #2:

Hello Class,

We are on week 7 and this week we will be discussing diversity represented in a classroom and how we can work with students to begin bringing them together while helping them to respect each other’s differences in a classroom that includes with different backgrounds in regards to coming from different countries and speaking different languages. It’s also very important for educators for promote multicultural awareness in the classroom. If I was the teacher, I would make sure to provide the student a safe place where they will feel valued for and respected. And a place where they will feel comfortable to present themselves despite of where they come from and share their experiences to explore issues of personal and social identity. This is also the chance for other student to learn from one another’s varied experiences and perspective. One activity I would provide my students is learning how to say simple phrases like “how are you” in different languages. This will provide the opportunity for students to understand demographics, dynamic changes challenges and concerns even. Educating students about the differences, I would provide a meaningful explanation of what makes each of them special regardless of their background. This will encourage students natural way of being curios and eventually the start of valuable conversation about the difference of the world around them. To reach my education goal for the year , I would require the students for a project on being able to pick one student of their choice and student must be able to highlight some similarities and difference they both have based on their ethnic backgrounds and race. And student must present in class for everyone for other student to also have the chance to learn.

CHFD210 Week 7 Discussion

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