child development discussion

child development discussion.

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  • 10 points for completely responding to each of the reflection prompts
  • 5 points for making numerous (3 or more) connections to the week’s readings or other assignments
  • 5 points for the quality and quantity of your journal reflection (minimum of 1 page, single spaced)

Please use Question then Answer Format for all 2 prompts. 🙂

This Week’s Reflection Prompts

  1. Identify 3 passages from this week’s reading assignment that were most insightful or meaningful for you. Quote each passage and discuss why this was particularly poignant for you. (12 points)
  2. Describe how you might incorporate this week’s content into your work with infants, toddlers, and their families? If you are already working with infants and toddlers, what specifically will you do, when, and how? If you are not yet working with infants and toddlers, what do you want to remember from this week’s content and how might you use this information. ( 8 points)

child development discussion

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