China Today: Art, Economy and Politics

China Today: Art, Economy and Politics.

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You may choose to develop ideas based on the previous response paper (attached Paper_China_Today.pdf). For your final paper, you will write a 6-page essay (double-spaced, Times New Roman font 12) and address the following questions:

In your view, what are the key preconditions of China’s rise as the second largest economy in the world? Would they be rapid urbanization? post-Mao market reforms? or the so-called “China Dream” under the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s leadership? Please give one example as to the most intriguing aspect(s) behind China’s success story as well as the most urgent lesson(s) that China should learn from its own post-Mao experience in the future.

Please focus on the themes of contemporary Chinese art and find the link between contemporary Chinese artists’ works and the questions mentioned above. Besides the attached readings, you can use outside sources as well.

China Today: Art, Economy and Politics

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