China’s Global Econ Impact

China has made leaps and bounds in the economic landscape of the global economy. Changes in policies enabled private sector and global competition that were previously monitored by the government to pick up steam as new laws in place to increase the number of children household to one plus and lastly, Xi Jinxing’s. Answer the following questions /0x4*

Discussion Questions:

1.           What is an economic system? What are the basic problems of an economic system?

2.            What are the features of a mixed economic system?

3.            Explain the role of government in solving problems that arise from different economic systems.

4.            Define privatization and trace the history of privatization.

5.            Explain the different routes of privatization.

6.            Give your arguments for and against privatization.

7.            Why is China’s privatization different?

8.            Bring out the nature and causes for globalization of business.

9.            Explain the stages involved in the economic transition of globalization.

10.          Evaluate the impact of globalization on China’s economy.

11.          List the strategies used for globalizing a business.

12.          Natural resources are the wealth of a country’s economy. Discuss China’s key resources.

13.          Evaluate China’s government policies towards management of their natural resources.

14.          Evaluate the impact of economic development on environmental issues.

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