Choose a passage from the gospel of John and analyze it in specific detail.

Choose a passage from the gospel of John and analyze it in specific detail..

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Please Note: This paper is not as intimidating as it may seem, the instructions are a bit over detailed. I also have sample papers that can serve as a guide and reference

1. Choose a pericope (passage of approximately 10 verses.

2. List key themes, terms, and vocabulary in the passage that you will need to discuss.

3. Read any gospel parallels. If your pericope has a parallel (the same event is described) in one or more other gospels, read the parallel account and carefully note any similarities or differences between it and Johns account. Consider what the differences might reveal about the author, his purpose, audience, sources, etc.

4.Read the commentaries. After you have done some preliminary research read commentaries placed on reserved to see what they say about your passage. I will provide the sources for you please do not use internet sources.

5. Look up the key words you identified as important theological words for your passage in The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (“Kittlel) and incorporate that information in your paper when your passage uses the words. You must discuss at least two words. Explain briefly the use of that word in classic Greek, writings, in the Old Testament, New Testament, and in Johannine literature. In other words, you are trying to draw out the nuanced meaning of the words, what they meant in their cultural context.

6. Discuss each verse separately. You may also comment and draw your own conclusions if you can support them with evidence from the gospel. This is an exegesis paper not an opinion, reflection, or research paper.

7. Do not have long quotations. Express your research in your own words. Use footnotes to cite your sources. Whether you actually use a quotation or only get the information from a commentary, you must footnote it.

8. Muse be 15 pages in length, double spaced.

Choose a passage from the gospel of John and analyze it in specific detail.

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