CIS205 Human Computer Interaction

CIS205 Human Computer Interaction.

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Activity 1: System Concept Statement

Team members work together to complete Exercise 3-1 in the ebook. In this exercise you will write a clear, concise (150 words or less) system statement for the project you selected. You will present this statement to the team who is designing your project.

Activity 2: Planning for User Interviews and Interviewing and Collecting User Information

Team members will now pull together and analyze the plans each member wrote for the interview process of users.

A consensus plan is developed along with what artifacts you want to collect. Be specific, detailed, and have questions clearly stated.

The two teams who have exchanged their projects earlier, now will interview each other using the plan devised by the team.

One team completely finishes their interview and information gathering and then the other team collects theirs.

This process will take time so do not rush it but make sure one member of the team keeps the interview on time and on task.

Activity 3: Work Activity Notes and Flow Model Design

Teams return to their home base and compile, discuss, and analyze the information collected.

Determine the big picture of the work to be done. To do this you will need to design as a team a flow model (ebook 4.2)

Complete Exercise 4-1: Flow Model Sketch for Your System

You should refer to your ebook Chapter 4.3 on raw user work activity data. You might also want to look at User Interviews

Complete Exercise 4-2: Work Activity Notes for Your System

Activity 4: Constructing Work Activity Affinity Diagram (WAAD)

Team members now work together to build a WAAD. The WAAD for each group will be posted on the wall where it can be seen, referred to, and adapted as needed.

Complete Exercise 4-3 WAAD Building for Your System

Activity 5: Work Roles

Determine how to break the big picture down into manageable parts. To do this you will need to assign work roles specific for this project (ebook 4.2)

CIS205 Human Computer Interaction

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