Civil Liberties

Paper details In a two-page (total) response, answer the following questions. What role, if any, has Congress played in expanding and protecting, or infringing, upon our civil liberties in the history of the United States? Would you say our civil liberties are more numerous and better protected today or fewer and more infringed? Why or why not? Be sure to reference relevant aspects of the Constitution and specific examples such as, but not limited to, gun laws, campaign finance reform, and/or the Patriot Act. Refer to the

Paper Assignment directions in the Syllabus for detailed instructions and writing resources. In-line citations are not allowed. Failure to include footnotes will seriously impact your paper grades throughout the course. Footnotes are not only for quotes, but for every time you have a factual statement in your paper you obtained from one of your sources. Thus, your paper should have many footnotes.

Other things to remember for future papers are to use a proper title block, page numbers, and use proper paragraphs (your first page was a run-on paragraph containing multiple topics). In the future, make sure to have a minimum of three sources, including your text. Please read the instructions for the assignment, my announcement concerning footnotes and contact me if you would like to discuss this assignment.

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