Classical sociology

Classical sociology.

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Choose 1 of the 3 questions presented in class and write an essay on the selected topic.. The text must be approximately 2000 words (around 4 pages). Use font: Times New Roman, size: 12, 1,5 spacing.
Be sure to quote and reference correctly. Build a bibliography at the end of the document. There is a section in the forum, where you can ask questions if you need to! Good luck with your work and start reading now as a friendly advice.

Essay topics:

1)Select one of the classical sociological theorists discussed in class (Marx, Weber or Durkheim) and critically assess the selected thinker’s theory from the perspective of political science. Choose a contemporary social problem (on the World, European or National level) and discuss the possible relevance of the selected author’s perspective in addressing the problem.

2)What are the main societal problems of modernity identified in the writings of classical sociological authors discussed in class (all three of them) ? Point out the common ideas and specify the most characteristic point of their individual legacy.

3)What are the relations between individual and society in the writings of Marx, Weber and Durkheim ?

Classical sociology

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