cold justice case

cold justice case.

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Because details are so important in law, I want you to really LOOK at what Ms. Sigler is doing in order to solve the case. She looks at every detail, leaving no stone unturned. Her methodology is quite simple but extremely effective.


Go to YouTube, (See Link Below), and find the show, “Cold Justice. You can pick any case study you wish, but it must be a case study. Once you’ve picked a case to view, answer the following questions for your report:

  1. What is the case name?
  2. What is the episode number?
  3. Who was murdered and how?
  4. Who are the family members?
  5. What are the specific details of the case?
  6. What is known in the case to the investigators?
  7. Who are the suspects in this case?
  8. What are the specifics on each of the suspects?
  9. What details were given at the scene of the crime?
  10. How are the suspects eliminated from the board?
  11. Who is the final suspect?
  12. How is that suspect caught, if the case is resolved?
  13. What methodology does Ms. Sigler use to solve the case?
  14. Was the case solved?
  15. What specific details were found that helped solve the case?
  16. In taking a lesson away, analyze how Ms. Sigler used each detail of evidence. Analyze how she used the process of elimination and the process of every detail to her advantage in solving the case. THEN, discuss how can you use these methods in a practical sense for critical thinking.


  • You can use a Q&A style to answer the above questions.
  • The report must have a cover sheet.
  • Citation Page should include the name of the show, the episode name, and number.

cold justice case

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