Complete A Theatre History Presentation Work

Complete A Theatre History Presentation Work.

I’m working on a Powerpoint question and need guidance to help me study.

Please make sure you read all the requirements before the work! Here are the original requirements of this work. WILL INVOLVES THE POWERPOINT WORK!

Each of you is assigned a section of Chapter 7 or Chapter 8 in our book. This is NOT a group project. For your assigned section, create a summary in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Make sure to hit all the high points of the reading WITHOUT quoting from the book. Make your PowerPoint slideshow colorful, original, and fun. These should be relatively short presentations, too…no need to have more than a handful of slides. (5-7)

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT use white lettering. I know that this limits your choices in background sometimes. Also, include pictures in the powerpoint. This is educational just for us.

Make sure to include your TITLE of your chapter section.

When you have completed your slideshow, submit it as an attachment to this assignment. If you have difficulties save it as a PDF and attach that instead. If you for some reason could not do a powerpoint and selected to do Prezi submit the link. I believe at this time all students should have powerpoint as we have Microsoft office home through Troy when you sign into email.

Your presentation might be shared with the class to use as a study guide for the Theatre History Quiz.

All the requirements have been uploaded above. And the chapter mentioned above is from the book “Theatre in Your Life 3rd Edition”. If you need the book, I will give you that from the email. This work is very important for me. Please make sure you you did the quality-ensured and original work. Looking forward to your good job. Thank you!

Complete A Theatre History Presentation Work

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