Complete Database Essentials Task (DEVRY)

Complete Database Essentials Task (DEVRY).

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I will provide the login details so you can access the filed need for this lab


We can collect all the data in the world, however, if we can’t access it and use it, it is probably useless. Gaining knowledge from stored data can be very beneficial when it comes to making important business decisions. This lab will give the student practice in querying or questioning data. The lab begins with a simple example of query development using Access, then evolves to more complex queries, which the student should perform after completing the first exercise. The student can create a query with the wizard, or with query design view.

Upon completing this lab, you should be able to:

  • create a query by following lab instruction;
  • create a query by using either Query Designer or Query Wizard; and
  • interpret the results of queries.


Parts A & B: Submit the MS Access Database file YourName_Lab4.accdb that contains the queries created in this lab.

Required Software

Microsoft Office: Word 2016, Visio 2016, and Access 2016

Options for accessing the software:

  1. Use a personal copy on your PC. You can also use the Citrix Lab environment at The DeVry Lab environment has the correct software to complete this lab.
  2. If you are a MAC user, click to read the MAC User Information.
  3. Click DeVry virtual lab (Links to an external site.) environment to access all Microsoft Office software. For additional information about the virtual lab and how to save files, click the Lab icon on the Course Resources page.

Complete Database Essentials Task (DEVRY)

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