Complete Short Computer Applications Task (FORD)

Complete Short Computer Applications Task (FORD).

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MS PowerPoint Presentation

Start with a new presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint online or installed version of Microsoft PowerPoint with no template applied. A template is not allowed for assignment.

NOTE:The files needed for this assignment can be downloaded here: Museum Icon, Girls in Museum, T-rex Skeleton, T-rex 3D, Pharaoh, Car, and Typewriter (Right-click the link for each image and select “Save link as…” to download the file, you will need to know the name and location of the saved file for the assignment.

Problem: The history museum in your town is a popular destination for residents, tourists, and researchers. Among the more popular exhibits are the dinosaurs, mummies, and antiques. You want to highlight these three attractions, so you create the presentation shown in Figure 1–81.

1.Create a new presentation using the Quotable document theme.

2.Using Figure 1–81, create the title slide. Use your name in place of Student Name.

3.On Slide 1 (Figure 1–81a), italicize the text, History Museum. Increase the font size of the subtitle text, Popular Exhibits, to 32 point and the font size of your name to 24 point. Change the font color of the title text to Dark Blue (in Standard Colors row).

4.Create the three slides shown in Figures 1–81b, 1–81c, and 1–81d. Use the Comparison layout for Slide 2, the Section Header layout for Slide 3, and the Two Content layout for Slide 4. Change the color of the title text on these three text slides to Dark Blue. Increase the font size of the subtitle text on Slides 2 and 3 to 24 point.

5.Add the pictures shown in Figures 1–81a, 1–81b, 1–81c and 1–81d using the guides on Slides 1 and 3 to help align them. The pictures to be inserted are called Museum Icon, Girls in Museum, T-rex Skeleton, T-rex 3D, Pharaoh, Car, and Typewriter, reference the links above. Zoom the slides and then resize the pictures when necessary.

6.Apply the Gallery transition in the Exciting category to all slides. If you do not have Gallery transition apply another transition to all slides. Change the duration to 2.25 seconds.

7.Click the ‘Start From Beginning’ button to start the show from the first slide. Then click to display each slide and again to end the presentation.

8.Create a fifth slide, apply title and content layout, and in the title of slide, title it: Your firstname History Highlights. In the content area using a bulleted list, have at least 3 items that are part of your history.

Complete Short Computer Applications Task (FORD)

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