Complete short Marketing Discussion (SNHU)

Complete short Marketing Discussion (SNHU).

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Using the Milestone One SWOT Template provided, conduct a SWOT for the pet supply store’s new product. Consider how this information can help to develop the marketing strategy. You will post your SWOT to the discussion topic as an image. Review this tutorial for assistance with saving your slide as an image and uploading an image to the discussion. In your post, discuss which of the product’s strengths you will be leveraging in your marketing activities. In addition to your SWOT matrix image, include one to two paragraphs describing how the company could use this information to develop marketing strategies and activities. Use specific details and examples.

I would name my new pet food line SouthernHospitatlity. I would use this name because I think it would be really cool to design a pet food line that tastes as close to southern comfort food as possible. I am from the south and southern cuisine is my favorite, so I would really enjoy incorporating my roots into pet food. I know when I cook southern food at home my dogs sniff the air constantly, smelling all the rich and aromatic seasonings I use when I cook. I would like to create something that doesn’t just look like pebbles in a dog bowl, but something that truly looks like a full course meal for a pet.

Complete short Marketing Discussion (SNHU)

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