Complete Short Retailing Discussion Due

Complete Short Retailing Discussion Due.

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Review the articles about the different types of vending machines, located within the module Reading and Resources area. After exploring the articles and the information in Chapter 6 of your textbook, select two of the vending machines. Briefly explore the markets in which these two machines exist to gain an understanding of the consumer and the culture of that market. Thoughtfully and thoroughly respond to the following discussion questions:

• Identify the type of retail classification for vending machine retailing. What methods are used by these retailers to attract sales? Do you think these methods are effective for selling these products? Why or why not? In responding to your peers, explain your response.

• Choose a product not featured in the article or in your textbook that you feel might be appropriate for vending machine sales. In what location would you place this machine? Why do you think this product would sell well? Explain your response.

Intelligent Vending Offers Unique Shopping Experiences
8 Brands Deploying Vending Machines as Smart Retail Solutions
Review the resources above to learn more about unusual vending machines. These resources support the module discussion.

Retailers Need to Engage Shoppers’ Five Senses to Save Physical Retail
This article discusses key strategies physical retailers are using to stay relevant in the changing retail marketplace

Complete Short Retailing Discussion Due

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