Complete Task 3 1 Page EddayExceptionalities (TILL)

Complete Task 3 1 Page EddayExceptionalities (TILL).

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Task # 3 To complete this assignment you are required to watch a series of short video clips and write your reaction to them. The video clips will serve as an introduction to special education for those unfamiliar with some of the topics. The video, Misunderstood Minds. This series of videos introduces you to 5 “exceptional” children and their families. The various parts of this video will help you begin to think about aspects not generally thought of with “exceptional” children

Access the videos at

Write a ½ to 1 page reaction to your watching the Misunderstood Minds videos. For example, you might write about what you learned, what surprised you, how what you saw agrees or disagrees with your past experiences or how these videos will help effect you as a teacher. Your paper is to be brief, but include enough detail to show me that you watched all the clips.

Complete Task 3 1 Page EddayExceptionalities (TILL)

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