Computer Information

Computer Information.

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1. Motherboard Components: Using a picture of a modern desktop mother board of your choice identify or label as many components as possible.

2. Memory Modules: Find and label pictures of as many classes of modules as you can. Note significant facts about each.

3. Optical Disc Capacities

Prepare a list to include as many varieties as possible of recordable or rewritable CDs, DVDs, and BDs, both single-layer and double-layer. What is the maximum capacity of each disc and compare to its stated capacity?

4. Drive Installation and Preparation

Prepare a drive for use, including partitioning and formatting. Either partition the entire drive as one volume and then perform the primary/extended partitioning

Confirm the partition(s) are available in My Computer (or similar) and that you can write information to each one. (Provide a screen shot showing the partitions in each case).

5. Computer Interfaces: Using a picture of I/O interfaces in a computer of your choice identify or label as many components as possible.

6. Video Interfaces: Using pictures of video interfaces in identify or label as many different types as possible.

Computer Information

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