COMS 327 Reading Response Essay Questions #5 – Foucault and Debord

COMS 327 Reading Response Essay Questions #5 – Foucault and Debord.

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Response Papers: These are short essay-style papers responding to a set of questions related to the reading for the particular class session. All papers should be typed and should be two-three (2-3) pages. Papers will be evaluated on: 1) demonstration that reading has been completed, 2) application of concepts and ideas, 3) clarity of writing.

Reading Response 5- Foucault/Debord

1. In Docile Bodies, Foucault does speak about how literal bodies are perceived but also he uses them as a metaphor for another issue. What is happening to our bodies as well as what is the greater issue at hand to Foucault?

2. Foucault like most postmodern scholars is obsessed with understanding power dynamics. He is a bit unique in that he places a lot of emphasis on architecture and other physical structures as a means of oppression and ultimately sway (persuasion) over others. Why does he believe the literal structures we build are persuasive in nature?

3. What is spectacle to Debord? How is spectacle connected to our understanding of signs and symbols?

**Each question can be numbered and answered individually as an essay answer**

**I will provide resources to answer questions, such as a lecture powerpoint and the reading material, which should be cited within the answers**

COMS 327 Reading Response Essay Questions #5 – Foucault and Debord

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