Congress essay

In recent years, questions about the filibuster and about the prominence of institutions that may check the will of majorities have become increasingly prominent in discussions about the role of Congress in American life. At the same time, some observers have viewed party polarization and the rise of movements such as the tea party as an important factor in Congress’s apparently increasing disfunction. Write a short essay in which you consider the contemporary role of Congress in American democracy. In doing so, please consider the role of the filibuster as well as the role of other “hardball” techniques. To what extent does the use of these techniques improve government effectiveness and democratic responsibility? To what extent should we be worried about Congress’s apparent shift away from moderation and compromise?

Your essay should rely on and cite the readings from the third section of the course, though bring in earlier readings where appropriate. It should be approximately 3 pages long, should use 1.5 spacing, and should be written in 12 point font. Please feel free to use any citation style that you feel comfortable with, as long as it is standardized and comprehensible.
N.B: You don’t have to use all of the articles. Just 7 or 8 references are enough

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