Constitutional jurisprudence

This assignment uses the Medellin v. Texas case to illustrate the continuing debate over various areas of constitutional jurisprudence, namely separation of powers and federalism. The Medellin case is also illustrative of the debate in American constitutional jurisprudence over the role of international conventions in relation to both state and federal sovereignty.Read the two articles “Texas v. World”by Steven J. Stauffer and “Defending U.S. Sovereignty, Separation of Powers, and Federalism in Medellin v. Texas”by Ted Cruz and answer the questions: 1. What are the facts of the case concerning the petitioner Jose Ernesto Medellinand the crime that was committed?(One paragraphwill suffice). 2. What is the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Rights and what does the Convention provide in terms of the rights of consular access for foreign nationals incarcerated in a host country?(One paragraph will suffice). 3. What is the International Court of Justice (ICJ)? What is its role in international law, and what is the U.S. relationship to it historically? (Two paragraphs will suffice). 4. What was the decision of the ICJ in the case of Mexico v. United States(Avena)? (One or two paragraphs will suffice). 5. Is the United States and the State of Texas bound by Treaty to comply with the Avena judgment? (At least three paragraphs) 6 .Did the President of the United States act within his authority, in terms of faithful execution (under the “Take Care Clause”of Article II) when he determined that the states must comply with the United States’s treaty obligation to give effect to the judgment of the ICJ in the Mexico v. United States (Avena), in the cases of the 51 nationals of Mexico named in the judgment?(At least three paragraphs) No need to answer question #7 Please be mindful of the number of paragraphs required for each question, do not write less than the amounts asked, and please make sure the paragraphs use proper grammar and amount of sentences (no less than 5-7 sentences per paragraph) Answers should be clearly labeled and written written one under the next. You should also write the question before each answer, and example will be included for an idea on formatting (DO NOT copy the answers from the example!) Necessary documents will be attached belo /0x4*

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