Critically evaluate the 5 stage consumer behavior model by Engel, Blackwell and Kollat (1968) which was updated in 1978. Identify and describe if this process is still relevant to consumer buyer behaviour in today’s market place and provide examples within marketing campaigns to explain your answer specifically in a tourism perspective. Making reference to a product or service of your choice in the tourism industry, critically apply and evaluate the usefulness for today’s marketing managers of this process when the respective new product or service was launched to either a consumer or business market. Evaluate if the implementation, marketing strategy and channels chosen were appropriate. The assignment is in a report format and therefore needs to include an understanding and critical evaluation and argument towards statements made. The report should include sub-headings and can include graphs/images as appendices if this aids the points made. /0x4*


• A range of research sources needs to be undertaken. This is a written task with the application of all report tools including graphs, charts and diagrams.

• Using the buying behaviour model and relevant theories to support its application to consumer buyer behaviour in today’s developed, connected world. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA

• Knowledge and understanding of peoples’ consumption-related behaviours and to develop and evaluate marketing strategies intended to influence those behaviours.

•Intellectual, practical, affective and transferrable skills. An appreciation and understanding of how marketing research, marketing strategy, and basic research play multiple roles in the discipline of marketing.

• Evaluation of marketing campaigns and a critical assessment of the respective campaign chosen including its implementation, strategy and channels chosen.

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