Contract Law

Contract Law.

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Ben has a small holding and as part of that he has a small area devoted to growing organic fruit and vegetables. Although the bulk of his produce is consumed by himself and his family he does sell any excess at a local farmers market. He is though aware that he needs to reinvigorate the soil and he goes to his local garden centre. There he speaks to Leslie and explains what he does and what he wants. Although he explains he is an organic farmer he doesn’t raise this very strongly. Leslie suggests he uses a product called Nature-Ade. Ben asks if it is a natural fertilizer. Leslie admits she doesn’t know for sure but believes it is. Ben agrees to purchase six large bags. After using it for a month Ben is visited by the Organic Regulator who informs him that Nature-Ade is not suitable for use as an organic fertilizer and as such his standing as an organic producer must be suspended for at least two years. Advise Ben if it was a term of his contract with the Garden Centre that Nature-Ade was suitable for organic use or that it was an entirely natural product. Use relevant cases and please make sure the answer is relevant to the question. REFERENCING AND FOOTNOTES ARE VERY IMPORTANT

Contract Law

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