Corporate & Media Communication

The student will write a project plan of approximately 1500 words indicating the role which is: (Senior Graphic designer for the social media posts) tracking the campaign progress and check how far we go and how good we achieve also giving suggestions. Write in details.

 the project and specifically discussing the responsibilities. In short, the student contributions towards the project. It should include the following elements:

Introduction: Describe your role and indicate why this role is required and how it is aligned to the objectivities of the project.

Body: Explain your responsibilities, the way it contributes to your client, target audiences, goals and objectives of the project, produce a detailed chart that includes timeline with the tasks you have done or will be doing, identify any challenges you are facing or will face when working on the project and how you will address those challenges and lastly provide evidence of your work/communication.

Conclusion: Summarize your main responsibilities and indicate the success of your role at the current stage (consider how you would measure your success).

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